Bridge Demolition

Bridge demolition engineering support for demolition contractors.

The design services provided depend on the type of bridge being demolished, the other factors and stakeholders involved and the available resources such as the original drawings and inspection reports.

Where there has not been a recent inspection Andun are able to undertake bridge inspections and provide the relevant reports and stability data.

Our demolition sequences are situation dependent and can facilitate lifting bridges to be broken up away from the original structure location or processed in-situ.

Demolition sequences can also be designed to work around limitations such as limited possession time or working on or near live rail environments and the additional regulations and form submissions.

Our experience ranges from a single span over a brook or stream to 300m viaducts. Bridge types we provide demolition engineering support can be found on the right hand side.  

We are able to provide design support throughout the lifecycle of a bridge demolition project from tender, through to completion of the works.

Bridge Demoltion CPD Webinar

Bridge Demolition Temporary Works

Bridge demolition support can also include  temporary works design as required to implement the proposed demolition sequence and can include propping, crane platform design and temporary constraints design.

If you have an upcoming Bridge demolition project requirement, you can email or call 01245 360 194