Lift Beam Design

Andun have extensive expertise in designing specialist lift beam and lifting gear solutions within the construction, demolition and rail engineering industries.

This knowledge and experience allow the use of technology and in-house analysis to create innovative and efficient lifting solutions.

Bespoke Lift Beam Design

Where the load to be lifted is awkward in shape, requires multiple support points or is unstable due to the position of the centre of gravity.  Andun deliver bespoke lift beam designs to suit.

Our in-house analysis and Finite Element Analysis capability is used as part of this process. Whatever the challenge, our engineer’s design lifting systems that delivered with a complete package of calculations and fabrication drawings to the client’s specifications. A cat ii or cat iii check on the design can also be provided.

In recent projects, Andun has utilised our in-house 3D printing capability to demonstrate the proposed solutions to stakeholders. This has become a vital tool for building stakeholder confidence. 

Project Whitechapel Crossrail

An example of Andun’s lifting gear expertise, was the design of a bespoke C-hook capable of lifting 10 tonnes of concrete in one go. This was developed to speed up the demolition works at Whitechapel station, during a tight possession period. The bespoke C-hook both increased productivity and made the works safer as it removed the requirements for hundreds of resin fixed anchors for lift points.

A key requirement of the project was the task of convincing stakeholders of the merits of the C-Hook as the right engineering solution. To demonstrate the design capabilities, we produced a 3-D print of the hook (pictured below). We found giving stakeholders the opportunity to visualise and hold the design was a key factor in securing approval for the use of this innovation.

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