BS 5975 Code of Practice Guidance

Andun Ltd provide temporary works solutions for clients in the construction, demolition and rail engineering industries in line with the BS 5975 Code of Practice.

Andun have the ability to review, analyse and update the working practises of civil engineering firms in line with this code of practice. As well as providing training for engineers in this field.

With more than twenty-five years providing temporary works our team have designed temporary works on projects large and small across the UK and internationally.

The History of BS 5975

The BS5975 code of practice developed because of several high-profile temporary works failures in the 1960’s and 70’s. Some of these failures caused fatalities and cumulatively they led to the publication of the Bragg report in 1974.

This was followed by the publication of BS5975 in 1982. The first temporary works guidance in the world. Although this initially focused on formwork BS 5975:2008 considers temporary works, management of temporary works and refers to the CDM regulations.

BS 5975 Framework

Temporary Works are defined within BS 5975 as

“an engineered solution used to support or protect an existing structure or permanent works during construction, or to support an item of plant or equipment, or the vertical sides or side slopes of an excavation during construction operations on site or to provide access”

BS5975 includes all forms of temporary works, from falsework through to excavation works and is split into three sections.

General – the scope of the document and references.

Procedural Control of temporary work – temporary works, including appointment of TWC, control of design and site works.

BS 5975 emphasises the importance that temporary works are well managed in addition to being well designed. It also defines the categories and scoped of design checks, of which Andun are specialists.

Andun have published a temporary works procedures flowchart that incorporates BS5975 code of practice. 

Have a project that requires BS 5975 guidance?