Crane platforms

Andun provides design support for crane platforms for projects across the UK and overseas.

We have designed crane positions for mobile cranes up to 1500 tonne, and crawler crane positions up to 1200 tonne. Andun have experience in the design of floating platforms for cranes, including a 250 tonne crane barge for use in the Cromarty Firth in Scotland.

We have designed crane platforms to suit many differing ground conditions and topographies. Crane platforms must be designed and positioned with due regard to the site constraints. This can include requirements for checks on slope stability, pressure on services and buried assets, and lateral earth pressures on retaining assets such as sheet pile walls.

Why Use Andun for Crane Platforms

We have developed in-house analysis techniques for geo-grid reinforcement. This analysis allows the design of geogrid reinforced crane and piling platforms that are thinner, have a higher bearing capacity and are more cost effective than simple designs undertaken in accordance with BRE470 guidelines.

As an independent designer, we are not obligated to recommend specific geo-grid brands, this ensures we design the most appropriate and efficient solution, allowing the client to source the most cost effective geo-grid for the scheme.

Crane Platforms Case Studies

An example of crane platform design would be as part of the works at Manor Park for LOCROS. A 500 tonne crane had to be positioned on a very restrictive site, behind a masonry retaining wall. The solution proposed by Andun was to place two of the outriggers directly on the masonry wall. The additional axial load applied to the wall stabilises the wall, thereby improving the stability of the wall. The design was independently cat iii checked, and the works were successfully undertaken from this position.

A more traditional example would be our works on the Great Western Mainline Electrification.

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