Temporary Works Design Projects

Andun undertake temporary works design projects for civil engineering and building contractors on high profile infrastructure and redevelopment projects for some of the largest civil engineering firms in the UK and Europe.

We also work on a wide range of smaller, bespoke, challenging or emergency temporary works design projects, which utilise the extensive knowledge and experience of our team of engineers.

Temporary Works Design Services

Andun can support the temporary works design process from tender through to the completion of works and have a proven track record designing a wide range of temporary works solutions including;

  • Façade Retention
  • Lift Beam Design
  • Piling Platforms
  • Crane Platforms
  • Demolition Sequencing
  • Excavation Support
  • Specialist Lifting Equipment
Design Approach

Contractors work with Andun because of our practical and cost-effective approach to temporary works design and implementation.

Our designs are then implemented in line with Andun’s temporary works management procedures (based on BS5975) that are designed to ensure that the temporary works design is delivered safely in practice.

3D Modelling and BIM

Andun regularly use 3D modelling and produce 3D drawings to model demolition sequences and illustrate temporary works designs. In some cases, we where appropriate use our in-house 3D printing capabilities to provide physical 3D models of proposed temporary works design solutions to our clients.

This ensures efficient sequencing and provides proof of concept to stakeholders around the impact of works on structural integrity as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of or temporary works during the project.

Temporary works can be included in the BIM model to allow for clash detection between the temporary works and proposed permanent works. Early clash detection can save significant time and costs on a project. The 3D model can also be used to check for clashes with proposed plant, i.e. piling rigs.

Have a project that requires temporary works and would like more information about how Andun can assist the design of your project?